Take your power back

Coaching to break the cycle of abuse and rediscover who you really are

Because only YOU can and you should!

Get off the abusive roller-coaster

Get the tools, support & coaching to help break the toxic bond.

Discover who you really are

We tend to loose our sense of self, our identity gets taken away from us, and our values trampled on! Rediscover yourself, your Identity and your values.

Find happiness & harmony in your relationships

Alignment within, leads to alignment in our relationships. Happiness and harmony within, radiates out to the relationships we share.

Start living life on your own terms

Establish your boundaries that help keep your identity and values intact. Learn to stay true to your boundaries.

A journey to true personal freedom

I was a successful organizational development consultant, an awesome executive coach, the life of the party, & the mother to 2 gorgeous boys.  I was also a victim of narcissistic abuse. 

After 16 years of living for someone else, I realized that only I could change my situation. So I began to seek out different kinds of support to help me make sense of the chaos and hurt in my life. 

It took me 8 years, hundreds of hours of modalities & coaching, but that key realization and my openness paid off. I now have a 7 year old, my third child. For her and me and countless people like me, I became an abuse recovery coach. 

It’s become my mission is to provide a safe and open environment for 1 million victims of narcissistic and emotional abuse, help them learn to value themselves for who they are, and finally begin to enjoy healthy relationships. AND it doesn’t need to take 8 years to do it.

I’ve been where you are now and I understand why it’s been an exhaustively long relationship with abuse.

Take your power back – because only you can and you should!

Wonder where you should start this journey?

It can feel overwhelming to figure out where to start. from my experience, the key to finally breaking free is your mindset. I have outlined 6 key mindsets that you will need through this process of taking your power back. See where you are at and start building on those mind sets IMMEDIATELY. This free assessment and guide will help you get started, and will help you consider a support structure you want to put in place.

Are you ready to take the first step?

Your journey starts with 1 step


Schedule a free consultation

I've been right where you are and I know how isolating it can feel. We'll sit down for a 30-minute conversation, talk through where you are now, and create a plan together for helping you move forward and start living life for YOU again.


Design You - Group Coaching program

It all starts with getting in touch with what you really want & need. A 6-week Journey to define unshakable foundations for self love and worth. Be surrounded by people who understand your grief and trauma deeply. Support and be supported in this group coaching program as you courageously take on designing you and your worth with the help of the enneagram.


Live You - one-on-one coaching program

If you feel you need the one on one support to help navigate your journey, this is the right spot. This is a 10 month journey with 20 coaching calls, access to a supportive community, and emergency messenger access to me. The process will help you re-endorse your identity, work with your values and use the enneagram profile to map out your journey unique to you and your circumstances. Design and live you and your worth.

About The Foundation Program

A self-paced online course that will start your journey of rebuilding your identity, rediscovering your values and redefining your boundaries.


Join a private & supportive community

We are starved of support and a community when we are being abused. You will be heard here - find your voice again. You will be supported here - reach out once again. You will make friends here - be open once again.

2 online one-on-one coaching sessions

These sessions will help to clarify any questions you might have and help you move along the program with additional support and insight. You can schedule the calls at your convenience. 

Online course & exercises with lifetime access

Like any learning we need to revisit it a few times till the learning becomes muscle memory. You will have life time access to this program and the supportive community.

Private messenger support throughout the program

If you have a questions, all you have to do is send me a message.

About Live You

A 10-month private coaching journey of self-discovery with in-depth customized tools, a supportive community, + emergency messenger access to Triptta

on time payment

$497/- per month 
for 10 months.

20 one on one coaching sessions with Triptta

we will meet personally via zoom / skype, Initially once a week, to design the life you wish to lead. Once you have created a design you are excited about, the sessions will focus on supporting you in living that design, practically in your life.

Join a private & supportive community

You have been isolated for so long, experience support empathy and genuine understanding for the first time in a long time. Give and get support from a community who understands you and your experiences. Its Ok to ask for help not only just give .. This is the safe zone where you can vent, ask for help, give help and learn to be happy and feel validated again!

Customized tools & resources for your personal journey

We'll use customized tools to help us re-endorse your identity work. Through in-depth values exploration and the enneagram profile, we'll map out the journey unique to you and your circumstances.

Private messenger support throughout the 10-month program

As you go through this journey, there will be weak moments, indecisive moments and just plain and simple low moments ..besides the group I am here to support you through those moments too .. till the time you feel confident enough in your self.

You will have messenger access for advice, venting and queries through out this critical journey of you learning how to LIVE YOU.


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