Month: November 2020

Vulnerability makes you beautiful. Part 3 - Revealing one fear at a timeJust as one thinks I have now conquered my vulnerabilities and am out there naked yet shining, I realise there is more fear lurking in the background and inhibiting me. It’s a tough journey! In this blog I am sharing my recent trysts […]
Vulnerability makes you beautiful. Part 2 - Our addiction to masks!I promised you the 'masala' (spice) of vulnerability in my previous blog on the same topic, here is a taste of it. As mentioned and researched, our aversion to share our vulnerability seems to be the common thread that most of us identify with. Some […]
Vulnerability makes you beautiful. Part 1 - The AwarenessAs I write this piece, I feel the presence of my vulnerability. My instinct said to use the word beautiful, that's what I connected with, yet in my head I went crazy with questions - will people read this? Is 'beautiful' a professional word? Will it grab […]
“We are not victims. We are survivors. And beyond that, thrivers!” – Susan MacaulayAmen! To this statement I do believe I fall into the ‘thrivers’ category today; but it didn’t happen overnight. Recovering from abuse is a process. While time spent in each phase of this can vary from person to person, no phase is […]