The Idea of You

The Idea of You

“The further along you are in your story the less likely you are to change it.” - Andrew Peek

Your story can be limiting in the creation of your identity. 

Who am I? An existential question which has the potential of exposing us to our strengths, our vulnerabilities, our values, our past and our present. However when we talk about ourselves we tend to refer to the roles we have played in life - I am a manager, a plumber, an artist, a mother, a daughter, a coach, a travel agent etc. It is from there we start telling our story and it is from that story we carry forward or try and establish an image. An image that we then carry forward as our identity. 

Which means the answer to 'Who am I', has very little to do with you as a person, instead has to do with the roles you have played and your image is at best what others perceive you to be. 

I was first asked this question on 3rd Sept 2008 at an event by the Landmark Forum and have been attempting to answer it since. It seems like, every time I think I have nailed the answer, life has happened, another role has come into play or I get drawn into an image others have of me. It's been a struggle to HOLD ON to the identity I have in mind for me. 

This is why I love what Andrew Peek has to suggest so much. Andrew Peek talks about “an idea of you”. An idea is fluid, it changes, it's evolving, just like you are!