Changing Your Narrative

Changing Your Narrarive

Changing one's approach to true wellness is challenging initially... life seems to get in the way!

Today as I woke, overwhelmed with bittersweet emotions of leaving my ageing parents and looking forward to being with my daughter after 90 days, I thought ahead to my day and a ton of things that I have to do. I had the urge to just get on with it.

As I deliberated skipping a practice of my 15 minute chant and a 15 minute meditation, I said to me .. "just do it and get on with it." It felt like a chore. I made a simple switch of my language to me, "just do it and get clarity in your day" and the change was amazing. My morning routine went from being a chore today to a motivation and a sense of preparedness for what this emotional day has in store for me.

My learning today.

After leading a life of 'go go go' from the minute I woke, embracing this journey of calm and conscious way of being, my brain is still hardwired to think Go Go Go on days like this.

Changing my narrative and the words I use in my self talk helped me stay true and kind to me. It helped me do something I truly enjoy and took away my 'Chore'.

What's your self talk in moments like this? How can you change it?