Month: May 2021

Check out my latest interview with Shock Your Potential podcast here: Listen nowI underwent 16 years of abuse from my husband, physical abuse, financial abuse, sexual abuse, you just name it. [04:36]My abuse at home made me work really hard in my job but was I truly happy and successful. [05:37]Success is not equal to happiness. […]
Chakras, Life and The Balancing Act - Part 1 - The Root ChakraEnergy is dynamic, and since chakras are subtle energy centers moving prana through the nadis, it is easy to understand that the different energy centers can be out of balance i.e. they can be excessive or depleted depending on the circumstances. To understand […]
Overview of the Chakra SystemHey lovely people! I hope you enjoyed my last week's blog introducing the chakra system.Before I dive into the depths of the chakras as promised, I want to revisit YOGA briefly.Yoga is often misunderstood and limited to just the practice of postures known as asanas. It’s how I saw it and […]
Making sense of the chakra system in layman's terms.In my journey to take my power back, I was trying everything: reiki, theta healing, reading psychology, researchers like Brene Brown (I love her work), social cognitive neuro sciences, human behavior via my PhD enrollment, mass coaching, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Quantum Healing, spirituality, mindfulness (MBSR), enneagram… […]
Self-care Series - Part 3 - The SoulThis was always a scary area for me to address. I used to think if I spoke the ‘S’ word people would judge me 🙁 . Vulnerabilities are a huge inhibitor to self care. Today, it's down to trepidation. In this blog I am sharing the two steps that […]