Overview of the Chakra System

Overview of the Chakra System

Hey lovely people! I hope you enjoyed my last week's blog introducing the chakra system.

Before I dive into the depths of the chakras as promised, I want to revisit YOGA briefly.

Yoga is often misunderstood and limited to just the practice of postures known as asanas. It’s how I saw it and practiced it too since 2013. As an Indian I should have translated the word ‘Yoga’ much before my teacher training earlier this year, but better late than never as they say 🙂 Yoga is a Sanskrit word (ancient Indian text), which literally means ‘Union’ – union of the mind, body and soul. It also means joining oneself with one's authentic nature, unconditional love and uninterrupted joy.

Sage Patanjali (500 BC – 500 AD) - the founder of the yoga system of philosophy - defines yoga as the resolving of ‘all modifications’ of the mind. Modifications made from experiences of life. The nature of our mind is to avoid pain and seek pleasure, but there are many factors that influence this experience that we see - sorrow and suffering are inevitable. Knowledge about the origin of the different types of sorrow and suffering, the cause and categorization will help put things into perspective. It will also perhaps help you zoom in or out of the perspective that you hold and help build the emotional resilience that we all seek under different circumstances.

  • Disturbances caused by natural calamities (aadhi daivika): obstacles caused by natural calamities like storms, earthquakes, floods or even something like a pandemic irrespective of its origin. Point being we have no control over these disturbances, and they do alter our mind outlook and perspective on life when we experience them.
  • Disturbances caused by other beings (aadhi bhautika): physical and mental obstacles caused by animals or other human beings. These could be in your work environment, noisy neighbours, incredulous family members / partners, traffic jams, etc., resulting in disharmony, leading to a lot of limiting beliefs and barriers to reaching our potential. This disharmony is the biggest cause of suffering in the human mind.
  • Disturbances caused by one's own body and mind (aadhyaatmika): the physical and mental obstacles caused by oneself such as distractions, tiredness, agitation, frustration, depression etc. The way in which we let the disturbances caused by others affect us is a choice. If we are emotionally resilient we will choose, if not we will react.
    Yoga provides us with 8 different paths to be used to live life in unison and with emotional resilience. To the relevance of my application of yoga in DesignYou, I focus on three aspects: Meditation, Asanas (Postures), Pranayama (breathwork); and use these to help you define your legacy, values, limiting beliefs and boundaries - the tools and gateways to receive, assimilate and express what life has to offer with efficiency and intent.

So what do chakras have to do with all of this? 

I use 3 different aspects of yoga to balance chakras - the subtle yet profound energy centers found in the realm of your vertebrae. 

  • Pranayama - the life giving breath that fuels the chakras, 
  • The Asanas - that help keep the prana flowing through the body, chakras, and nadhi’s with ease
  • Meditation  - to balance the energy field of your chakras and raise your vibration .

Equipped with these balancing techniques, you would be better poised to design you from abundance and choice vs. limiting beliefs and scarcity. 

The below chart will give you an overview of the 7 chakras and their different associations and how the chakras connect with our physical body and our psyche.

LocationElement  Central FocusGoals Identity DemonExcessive CharacteristicsDeficient CharacteristicsBija Mantra
7Sahasrara: Infinitely UnfoldingTop of head, cerebral cortexConsciousnessAwarenessAwakening, union, realization, emptinessUniversal (Self-knowledge)AttachmentOverly intellectual, Spiritual addiction, Dissociation from bodyLearning difficulties, spiritual cynicism, disconnection, depressionnone
6Ajna: Perceive and CommandBrowLight Intuition, imaginationInsight, intuition, stillness, wisdomArchetypal (Self-reflection)IllusionDelusional, difficulty concentratingPoor memory,  poor vision, denialOm or Ksham
5Vissudha: PurificationThroat Sound CommunicationTruth, resonance, creativityCreative (Self-expression)liesLoud, overly talkative, inability to listenFear of speaking or making noiseham
4Anahata: Unstruck SoundHeart AirLove, relationshipsLove, compassion, radiance, expansionSocial (Self-Acceptance)GriefNeedy, Co-dependent, narcissisticShy, lonely, isolated, bitteryam
3Manipura: Lustrous GemSolar plexusFirePower, willPower, will, energyEgo (Self-definition)ShameDominating, controlling, aggressive, anxiousPoor self-esteem, passive, powerless, tiredram
2Svadhisthana:  One's Own AbodeSacral areaWaterSexuality, emotionsFluidity, flexibility, feelingEmotional (Self-gratification)GuiltIndulgent, emotional, addictiveRigid, joyless, numbvam
1Muladhara: Root SupportBase of spineEarthSurvival, groundingStability, grounding, health, steadiness, solidityPhysical (Self-preservation)FearHeavy, sluggish, dense, overweightUnderweight, spacey ungrounded, fearfullam


Welcome to the fascinating journey of chakras. Here are some affirmations for you to start trying immediately

7 Crown Chakra
Higher Knowledge
Element: Thought
I honor my body as a temple of my soul.
I am LOVE. I am JOY. I am FREEDOM. I am PEACE.
I am complete and one with the divine energy.
I am peaceful, whole and balanced.
6 Third Eye Chakra
Element: Light
I am passionate, powerful and productive.
I am guided by my inner wisdom.
I am connected with my highest self.
I am at all times safe, loved, guided and protected.
5 Throat Chakra
Element: Sound
I easily speak my truth. I easily express myself.
I own my power and feel fully alive.
I am calm, confident and centered.
I trust my life is unfolding exactly as it should.
4 Heart Chakra
Inner Nurture
Element: Air
I love and accept myself just as I am.
I deserve love, health, happiness and prosperity.
I give and receive love effortlessly and unconditionally.
I feel stronger, more alive and energized each day.
3 Solar Plexus Chakra
Self Esteem
Element: Fire
I am enough and what I do is enough.
I love myself. I value myself. I trust myself.
I am a powerful, radiant, magnificent being of light.
I permit myself to fully enjoy everything I do.
2 Sacral Chakra
Element: Water
I forgive the past and I embrace my life fully.
I realize all of the goodness that surrounds me.
I am creative and strong. I am capable.
I listen to my inner truth. I honor and care for myself.
1 Root Chakra
Life Force
Element: Earth
I an fully grounded and supported.
I joyfully nourish my mind, body and spirit.
I have enough. I know enough. I am enough.
I accept that good health is my natural state.

Next week we will do a deep dive into the root chakra via my Vlog.

When you are in that place in your being and me in mine .. we are one!