You are enough

experience being you, experience being true to you, experience harmonious relationships

After 16 years of secretly living for someone else, Triptta Neb realized that only she could change her situation. 

She began to seek out different kinds of support to help her make sense of the chaos and hurt in her life. 

Hundreds of hours of healing modalities, attending mass coaching in auditoriums, studying the human psyche via short accreditations and a PhD enrolment, her coaching background, her openness and her readiness to take action paid off.

It took 8 long years, for Triptta to find her identity, understand her values, embrace her vulnerabilities and finally to take her power back.

I was a successful organizational development consultant, described as an awesome executive coach, the life and soul of the party and mother to 2 gorgeous boys.  I was also a victim of narcissistic abuse. 

I now have a 7 year old daughter (my third child) and live a happily married life, surrounded by the colours of nature in Dwight, Ontario. It is for my daughter Ella Grace, for me and countless people like me that I gave up my corporate life and became an abuse recovery coach.

It is my mission to provide a safe and open environment for the 1 million victims of narcissistic and emotional abuse; to help them learn to value themselves for who they are and finally begin to enjoy healthy relationships. And to realise you don’t need to take 8 years to do it.

Through my personal experience of abuse, coupled with my professional coaching experience, I learnt how to care for and heal my mind, body and soul in this journey of redesigning myself. I am eager now to share this with you. 

I have been where you are now and understand why you have experienced a long and exhausting relationship with abuse. I want you to Take your power back because only you can and you should!

It’s awesome to see a survivor of abuse

Regain their sense of self

Live a happy life

Enjoy harmonious loving relationships

Why did I create Design You?

There is a lot of research on narcissism and emotional abuse out there, but there isn't much to help create a renewed sense of self, following such abuse, in an organised manner. 

This is why I took my experience and research and distilled it into a model that helps YOU to restore your sense of self, design how to envision YOU in a happy harmonious life, understand your values and use this model  to set your boundaries that work for more than just recovering from your abuse -  they work for you to recover, and they work for you to live your life by your design in perpetuity.

Let's start to Design YOU 

I am excited to guide you through this journey

What to expect when working with me

Learn how your mind body and soul work together

Discover and Design you

Learn how to live the life you have designed

Practice being you with love and support

Gain a strong sense of self

Love who you are

Learn to set and live by your boundaries

Take your power back and keep it

Check if you are ready for Design You

A Journey of Transformation

This holistic journey is divided into three quadrants we need to work on and each quadrant has three levels you can work through.

What is the Design You model?

The Design You model integrates the discovery of your identity, your values, your motivation, and your triggers, into a road map to begin your journey to taking your power back.

The program also uses a validated tool called the Enneagram Profile (this is what can truly help reduce the length of your journey).

Modules covered