Quantum Healing

Quantum healing

Hi, my name is Agne. I am a self alignment coach.

I guide people through the Quantum Healing process and help them to connect to their higher self.

My father is a covert Narcissist, I have lived self doubt my entire life.!

Growing up as a child of a narcissist is never easy, instead of learning confidence and belief in a big beautiful world, I grew up with fear of people’s judgements and aiming to please everyone especially my father.  

It wasn’t till recently, i started exploring a nagging question in my life  - “who am I?” 

It seemed like all through my life, my identity had been given to me either by society and or by friends and family -  starting with my father, everybody else dictated what I should say , how I should behave and what my decisions should be, none of it was really me. 

Tired of wearing different masks for different people. Looking for freedom from judgement and living up to people’s expectation, I started a journey of self discovery.

While I attempted many approaches, I found my endless doubts and limiting beliefs did not allow me find answers easily. I needed to reprogram the deeply embedded limiting and negative beliefs, it is that search that lead me to Quantum healing. 

I'm so grateful to have found the Quantum Healing method. It helped me to work through most of my personal and relationship issues, it helped me to release the negative energy that was stored in me through generations, it helped me to reprogram my mind and set me free from limiting beliefs. Through Quantum Healing I found unconditional love and happiness, I discovered my value and authenticity. Now I am on the mission to help other people to reconnect to their higher self, to discover their true power, to live their lives fully and unapologetically. 

What is Quantum  Healing?

Quantum Healing is a unique therapy model that is based on NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and includes energy work, through the simple yet profound actions of  noticing and thanking.  The process empowers your being to resolve physical, mental and energetic blocks.

Quantum Healing allows people to heal past traumas without reliving the experiences. It basically updates your whole Human Operating System if you are willing to explore. 

The Self-Alignment (QH1)

It is a process of 5  weekly sessions where we teach you how to get your Conscious and Subconscious and Unconscious Minds to work together more effectively.

Session 1

Your Resources

We’ll help you access seven specific resource states that your body-mind already has available, and get them working together – often they aren’t.

Session 2

Your Eye-Map

We'll check your mind-body processing system to make sure your system is processing effectively – most peoples’ are not. Then we support your system to upgrade its capabilities.

Session 3

Your Time-Lines

We’ll explore your brain’s coding of past, present and future, so you can more effectively apply past learning to present decisions and future possibilities. You will also gain a clearer understanding of the future consequences of current decisions.

Session 4

Your Energy System

We’ll explore the energy centers of your body and tune them up, and integrate them with your Resources and Time Lines.

Session 5

Your Journey

Enjoy the trip!

During the whole process your conscious mind will gain valuable skills as it learns so much more about those aspects of yourself you may not have been aware of.