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Self-care Series - Part 3 - The SoulThis was always a scary area for me to address. I used to think if I spoke the ‘S’ word people would judge me 🙁 . Vulnerabilities are a huge inhibitor to self care. Today, it's down to trepidation. In this blog I am sharing the two steps that […]
Self-care series - Part 2 - The Mind Like our superficial attempts at self-care of the body, we cunning humans have devised superficial techniques to healthy minds, like sudoku, crosswords etc. The true beauty of our mind lies in its resourcefulness and creativity. We are at our resourceful and creative best when we are not […]
Self-care series - Part 1 - The Body “Self-care is how you take your power back!” – Lalah Delia Self-care - like many terms today - has become a hashtag term. It is often associated with women painting their nails or taking care of their skin or limited to a physical experience. If you buy into this […]