Triptta for me u r an angel ? sent by God ! Only u understood my real problems when even my parents n sisters couldn’t understand!! I have spent 18,19 years in an abusive environment with a narcissist mother in law n husband ! My entire in-laws family tortured me, disrespected me hurt me emotionally n physically n as a result I started getting panic attacks and was hospitalised many times!
But since I started sharing my feelings n problems with u which I only did with my family earlier, I see a lot of confidence n change in me ! You not only give me your time to listen to my problems u also are rebuilding a lot of confidence in me, something I always had before my marriage!!
I feel more secure, I feel someone understands my problems , I feel more confident ! I have found my best friend in u !! My friends for 25 years also didn’t care about me n my feelings! It’s extremely difficult to find a pure soul like u who has unconditional love for me. So in a nutshell u r my confidence n hope which is sent to me by God ?Tnx for everything ?