Learn more about The Foundation Program

What is The Foundation Program?

The Foundation Program is an online course to help people feeling burnt out, stressed  or are  new and intermediary survivors of emotional abuse to begin the recovery of their self esteem and sense of self, in a structured and supported manner. It is also a good program for survivors who have been on this journey to consolidate and cross check their growth and development of taking their power back. 

Given that people with high self-esteem have strong personal boundaries, and practicing strong personal boundaries is one way to build self-esteem, this program answers the question “How do we set these boundaries?”

I found in my 8 plus year long journey that our boundaries come from our identity and our values. How well we live up to our identity and our values depends on how well we can keep to our boundaries. When we have been through years of stress in our environment / abuse in a relationship with compromised boundaries, it's best to revisit and rediscover who you are today. Your experiences in the past, hopes for the future and your innate characteristics, offer the opportunity to define your unique boundaries and be YOU. 

This program is a compilation of what really worked for me in those 8 years of my journey. It will give explanations by way of videos, ask you questions to consider and give you tools like  chakra balancing yoga and meditation to help you overcome fear, or feeling stuck and stagnant.  

Key Features


Access the course any time and anywhere. Advance through the modules at your own pace. Revisit the material any time.


You’re not alone in your journey! Access our supportive community, schedule sessions with me and use the messenger to contact me in case you have any questions as you progress through the program.


Getting help shouldn’t cost a fortune! Gain lifetime access to all resources for a one-time low fee of only $59.


The Foundation Program is a result of combining various coaching techniques, modern science approaches and ancient philosophies weaved together to create a truly holistic approach to your journey.

What is included?

The program carries 6 modules. Each module, while being independent, is an integral part of you building your Boundary Map.

The carefully crafted self-discovery modules cover


Building your readiness for this journey. How ready are you?


Once we are ready to take our power back, it's important to start shaping what that would look like. What do you want your legacy to be? What really drives you?


We can create our own identity. To do that we need to consciously understand who you were, who you are, and who you want to be.


Identifying and defining your values consciously, so you can live a life of alignment to yourself.


Identifying limiting beliefs and turning them into freeing beliefs.


Understanding the different types of boundaries and setting yours.

You will find the program supports you in FOUR key ways:

1. Video presentations.
Each Module has video presentations which explain the concepts and the basis of what’s in your work books. Each Module also carries a relevant  guided chakra meditation.

2. Downloadable and Printable Material.
Each Module has a workbook, which carries the key questions for you to respond to for yourself. It's important to fill out the workbook in full thoughtfully. You will also gain access to a Yoga guide poster to help you practice chakra balancing techniques learnt during the course)

3. Private Facebook Group.
With this program you get lifetime access to a private Facebook group where you can share, support and ask questions to the group and me. You don't have to go through it alone!

4. One on One online coaching.
2 X 30 mins free video calls with me during the process as well. These sessions can help to established a more customised plan catered to your experiences and goals.

Who is it for?

The Foundation Program is intended for people who are looking to redefine and rebuild their boundaries, values and sense of self to experience lasting peace of mind and state of happiness. So whether you just feel burnt out and out of balance or you’re a survivor of narcissistic/ emotional abuse, or, this program can help you take your power back and achieve emotional resilience.

Still not sure? Take our quiz to determine where you are on your journey of recovery or schedule a free consultation with me, where we can talk through where you are now, and create a plan together for helping you move forward and start living life for YOU again.

Case study - Shivani

An educated lady married to a Covert Narcissist with a malignant narcissistic mother-in-law. She faced emotional and physical abuse at both their hands for 18 years. Given the Indian culture, she received no support from anyone and was steadily isolated from friends and family either under two pretexts:

1. One does not air their dirty laundry in public

2. Just agree with them, learn to be more tolerant. You are married now and have a son - do it for your son’s future at the very least. 

Shivani was suffering from depression when she started working with Triptta. Today she’s regaining her sense of self and has begun to build her life. Tapping into her innate talent of creativity she has started an online gifts and event decoration company called Positive Vibration, and is a social marketer for Modere. 

Shivani is also working on rebuilding her relationship with her son, by living her values and as a role model to him. This has given both of them a stronger sense of belonging which is our first basic need as a human being.(Root chakra) 

She continues to work on her sense of self and take her power back.

Below is her testimonial:

"Triptta for me you are an angel ? sent by God! Only you understood my real problems when even my parents and sisters couldn’t understand!! I have spent 18-19 years in an abusive environment with a narcissist mother in law and husband! My entire in-laws family tortured me, disrespected me, hurt me emotionally and physically; and as a result I started getting panic attacks and was hospitalised many times!

But since I started sharing my feelings and problems with you (which I only did with my family earlier), I see a lot of confidence and change in me! You not only gave me your time to listen to my problems, you also are rebuilding a lot of confidence in me, something I always had before my marriage!!

I feel more secure, I feel someone understands my problems, I feel more confident! I have found my best friend in you!! My friends for 25 years also didn’t care about me and my feelings! It’s extremely difficult to find a pure soul like you who has unconditional love for me. So in a nutshell you are my confidence and hope which is sent to me by God ? Thanks for everything ?"

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the course begin and end?

This course is self-paced, so you can enroll any time and complete the modules at your convenience.

What time will the coaching calls take place?

Once you enroll, you will receive a link to schedule consultations and can choose any available time slot that works best for you.

What is the difference between this coaching and therapy to recover from abuse?

Coaching is a forward looking journey aimed at creating capacity in an individual. It doesn't go into reliving the trauma you have experienced, instead it equips you how to go forward from where you are now. 

Therapy: Narcissism is on a spectrum. If you are a victim of Narcissistic abuse at the hands of an individual with NPD and carry PTSD symptoms we would refer you to therapy first. Therapy will help you overcome the trauma and being cured of PTSD or related mental disorders. 

How can I ensure my privacy?

I have been in your shoes and understand the need for privacy and secrecy both. None of your information will be shared in any way. Your only exposure will be the private group. I encourage you to be a part of the group, as you will find a lot of comfort and support in sharing the pain with others with similar backgrounds.